sealed lips…

December 5, 2012



Morocco, 2012


circling infinity…

January 18, 2012

‘The Sphere’

‘Starting with what may be the simplest and most perfect of forms, the sphere is an ultimate expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. There is no point of view given greater or lesser importance, and all points on the surface are equally accessible and regarded by the center from which all originate. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets, and globular star systems all echo the spherical paradigm of total inclusion, acceptance, simultaneous potential and fruition, the macrocosm and the microcosm.’

visual delights

January 11, 2012

and at the end
i’ll walk with you
hand in hand
to the river bed
where we’ll have our last dance
‘the water is cold on my skin’
i heard you say
not much longer now
till’ the feeling goes away
my hand was ice on your forehead
as i held you down
bubbles disperse on the surface
as i watched you drown
i finally heard your last muffled breath
i’ll take it to the grave
once i’ve laid you to rest

sleep now
sleep till’ dawn
sleep till’ you can’t feel the weight anymore


December 26, 2011


December 26, 2011

bassjumping with kats…

December 26, 2011

bassjumping with kats...

” i always wok…

December 26, 2011

” i always woke up feeling a second away from death “

michelangelo in avoca…

December 26, 2011



December 26, 2011

mycelium rhizome…

December 24, 2011

Richard Giblett
‘Mycelium Rhizome’ 2009,
Pencil on paper
120 x 240 cm
$11,000 incl gst

Richard Giblett
Untitled (mycelium) 2004
Pencil on Paper
240 x 120 cm
$ 7,000 incl gst